Open cooling, cooling towers

Tower is full of scale

  • The same dosing of scale inhibitor is not applicable to the system or low concentration is dosed
  • Thickening of cooling water is too high and LSI of the system thanks to it is high that responds creation ofscale.
  • Ion- exchanger doesn´t work correctly. It softs make-up water insufficiently
  • When acid is dosed for modification of pH, maybe probe for measuring pH doesn´t work
  • Parameters of hardness of make-up water changed against original project and this is not measured regularly
  • Puls watermeter works badly. Dosing inhibitor is connected to water hydrometer or pump does not work.
  • System is to thickened because of incorrectly set up of automatic blow-down
  • Fault is on control unit of dosing to system???

Tower carries  corrosion deposits

  • Refrigerating water is turbid or contains increasing concentration of iron (if we calculate ratio of make-up water and its thickening)
  • Too soft or osmotic water with low thickening is used
  • Water source with high content of chlorides and sulphates is used. It create corrosion during thickening although LSI has a positive value
  • Source with high content of iron is used. It precipitates in a system.
  • Tower is treated chemically unsuitable
  • If sulfuric acid is dosed for treatment pH either once or long-term it leads to excessive reduction of water system pH. After it is strogly corrosive
  • Tower is treated biocide badly there is a corrosion in system because of present biofilm
  • on Control unit of dosing to system is fault


There is a picture from pipeline of refrigerating water. You can see deposits which are corrosive.

Tower is full of  biological biofilm

  • Insufficient biological treatment
  • Air in the pump of sodium hypochlorite
  • Unsuitable biocide is used
  • Control unit of dosing to system is fault


Slime at the bottom of micro-tower

High consumption of water

  • Current supplier sets too low thickening treatment. It is possible to hold clean system and consumption of chemicals is higher too. However it has huge costs for water
  • Current supplier used chemicals, which are not able to hold hardnees of water at higher concentration and put ignorance of the tower´s owner
  • Automatic blow-down works badly
  • System has not automatic blow down
  • System has not ion-exchanger

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