Steam generators

Steam generator is damaged by pitting corrosion

  • Dosing of oxygen scavenger is insufficient
  • Dosing of oxygen scavenger is sufficient however reaction without catalyzer is too slow for elimination. Inconvenient oxygen scavenger is used for the device
  • Temperature in boiler feed tank is too low
  • Pump of oxygen scavenger is synchronised with pump of feed water to boiler and it is not given sufficient period for chemical reaction to oxygen´s elimination
  • Because of incrusts on tubes
  • Aerated or non-functional dosing pump of chemicals
  • Pulsa watermeter do not work. dosing pump is connected to it.
  • Control unit of dosing to system is fault

Steam generator is scaled

  • It is neccesary to find if deposits contain mainly phosphate or calcium carbonate
  • Firstly too large amount of phosphate is dosed at low quality of feed water. Phosphate sludge is created
  • Secondaly too low amount of phosphates or another scale inhibitor is dosed and it is not sufficient to hardness elimination, which remains behind ion-exchanger and create the scale in the coil
  • Ionexchanger (Reverse osmosis) does not work well
  • Ion-exchanger (Reverse osmosis) works but the parameters of condensate are poor and it worsens parameters of boiler feed water
  • System can be clog by iron compounds, which come from condensate´s pipeline or corroded supply tank
  • Aerated or non-functional dosing pump of chemicals
  • Pulse watermeter does not work. Dosing pump is connected to it.
  • Control unit of dosing to system is fault
  • Ideal for steam producers is fully polymeric technology of water treatment without sludge creation. Thanks to small average of screw feeder minimizes the risk of clogging or blockage even with temporary worsening quality of boiler feed water because of ion-exchanger fault.

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